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Project management

James Fisher Aerospace (JFA) operates a comprehensive project management methodology which allows us to deliver projects not just on time and to budget but to exceed our customers' expectations.

Fundamental to this approach is up-front task definition. This involves the provision of information to construct a workable project timing plan agreed with the customer.

Project teams vary in scale from five to sixty members. Engineers and designers can be drawn from all departments within the company, as appropriate, to provide multi-disciplinary capability.

Project managers are empowered with the appropriate authority to drive their respective projects and are responsible for achieving cost and time objectives. They are fully supported by departmental managers in terms of resource, technical content, quality and facilities.

Where necessary a dedicated project manager is allocated for the entire project duration to achieve:

  • continuity
  • a single point of contact
  • clear communications
  • clarity of work scope definition
  • ownership of actions
  • team leadership with a positive "can do" attitude
  • effective performance measurement

The project manager is responsible for facilitating project risk assessment and the various review meetings. All actions arising from such analysis are collated and subsequently completed as an integral part of the design and delivery process.

A uniform internal reporting format is used across all projects, which are monitored and tracked by the project manager using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). These include:

  • cost (man hours)
  • time (programme or schedule)
  • resource (capacity and capability)
  • quality

This information is indicated by Red-Amber-Green status RAG using formal, in-house criteria based upon the quantitative KPI data. This ensures corrective effort is appropriately identified and applied by the project manager. This data is subsequently translated to suit the specific reporting requirements of our clients.


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