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Stress analysis

Stress analysis allows design engineers the opportunity to evaluate in detail the performance of a proposed component or assembly design in a safe and cost-effective manner prior to manufacture.

The James Fisher Aerospace (JFA) analysis team consists of degree-qualified engineers with extensive practical experience across a wide range of industries. The extensive experience of the team has earned JFA an outstanding reputation for delivering high quality projects on time and within budget in both safety-critical and technically challenging environments.

The team provides technical consultancy services to underpin the multi-disciplinary engineering design capabilities of JFA.

Our experience includes:

  • finite element analysis
  • structual analysis
  • stress calculations
  • seismic analysis
  • failure analysis
  • dynamic analysis
  • problem resolution
  • operational research

The company also has strong working relationships with a number of UK universities, providing JFA with ad hoc access to specialist academic support.


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