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Who we are

Environment, health, safety and quality

James Fisher Aerospace (JFA) – as a subsidiary of James Fisher Nuclear (JFN) – aims to deliver products and services to the highest standard and lays great emphasis on the importance of health and safety, quality and the impact of the company's operations on the environment.

JFA recognizes that these standards have to be maintained at a highest level given the safety critical environments in which it works and the importance of these standards to its customers. Where customers have specific industry or in-house requirements over and above general industrial standards, JFA has the required depth of competent resource and appropriate systems in place to be able to comply.

JFA Quality Policy

JFA is an approved AS9100 Rev C organization. Our quality policy aims to ensure that products and services are fit for their intended purpose and conform to customer requirements and procedures as well as national and international standards.  It also provides a framework through which we aim to continually improve the quality of these goods and services.

It is the understanding of all JFA employees that quality is their main priority, whether their role involves design, procurement, manufacture or development. The application and further development of the quality assurance systems procedures has become the norm within the company.

The company is regularly audited internally, by customers, and externally by independent assessors to ensure the company continues to meet its quality objectives. JFA also holds specialist approvals with principal clients in the nuclear, aerospace and defence industries.

In summary, JFA aims to exceed customer expectations, deliver solutions that work right, first time, every time, while improving our performance continuously.


JFA Environmental, Health and Safety Policy

Details of JFN Health and Safety, Quality, and Environment policies are available here.

The company was formerly known as JF Faber and the certification will be updated from ‘JF Faber’ to ‘James Fisher Aerospace’ in due course.




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